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All Nations North America Kansas City, MO

ANNA-KC is the remnant of those who are serving at the International House of Prayer. ANNA was birthed in the side room in 2009 as prayers went up for Native People and for the moving of God on and off the reservations.  


Meetings on the regular basis in the side rooms of the Global Prayer Room at IHOP-KC. 


Wednesdays: 4:30-6pm, Governmental Side Room #5; Led by: Vanessa VanCleave

Thursdays: 7-9pm, Governmental Side Room #5, Led by: Kendra Collins


3535 E. Redbridge

Kansas City, MO 64137


Please feel free to join in on prayer! 


Crow Awakening, Montana

Crow Awakening is a society of revivalists that is dedicated to usher in an awakening to the Crow Nation and beyond, through prayer. fasting, worship and strategic evangelistical outreaches. Crow Awakening was birthed in 2008, when a man of God named Rodney Howard Browne came Crow Agency. His message was simple yet life-changing, he was sent by God to proclaim that a great revival was coming to america. He also proclaimed that a Revival was going to be coming very soon to the Crow Nation. He imparted the Vision of Revival, The passion for the power of god, the heart for lost souls and the Fire of God. It was after this radical encounter with the Holy Spirit and the Fire of God, that Crow Awakening was birthed.


Crow Awakening has an annual conference, called the Awakening Giants Conference, held every June. Visit: Crow Awakening


Join Wednesday night prayer: 6-8pm at Arrow Creek Christian Center,



Revelation Love - Mescelero Apache

Revelation Love is an outreach group with the intention of sharing the love of God through planned community events.


Located in Mescelero, New Mexico


For Updates visit: Revelation Love Facebook Page

Singing Feather Ministries


Singing Feather Ministries primary role is that of Intercession/Prayer. We purpose to fuel our Intercession with the knowledge of true historical events and seek spiritual understanding on the effect it has had on the First Nations people of Turtle Island and the heart of Creator God. It is from this place of Intercession that decisions are made as to where to minister, how to minister and who to partner with in ministry.


For more info visit: Singing Feathers Ministries

Led by Darren Nez of Shiprock, New Mexico Paradigm is a young group of a Navajo worship team. They have traveled internationally and have been involved with a number of ministries and organizations.
Like their Facebook Page.
Reservations & Other Native Nation Partners:
Muckleshoot, Seminole, Pine Ridge, Crow, Navajo, Mescelero Apache, White Mountain Apache, Alaska, Euchee, Comanche, Choctaw & many others! Join us as we contend for the Nations of North America!


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