Chasity Sandoval

Co-Founder/Director A.N.N.A.


Chasity is Dine' from the Eastern Navajo Nation. She has a heart to raise up the Native Peoples of North America to come up under their inheritance in Jesus. She is a Intercessory Missionary.






Sonya Sandoval

Mercy Ministry - ANNA KC Director


Sonya is Dine' from the Eastern Navajo Reservation. Graduate of Teen Challenge Ministry Institute, serving now with A.N.N.A. Her heart is to help those who are bound is strongholds and addictions. Sonya hopes to open her own Rehabilitation Center on the Reservation.






Intercessory Missionary - ANNA Pasadena


Thelma is from the Yaqui Tribe out of Mexico who has served with the Pasadena International House of Prayer. She now serves with ANNA as an intercessor who will come along the Native Peoples in preparation for The ANNA Call 2016.


Intercessor/SAFA - ANNA Pasadena


Jewel Curtis is Inupiaq and Athabaskan from Alaska. Growing up, her family traveled all around the state of Alaska as her father, Michael Curtis Sr. , would minister in the villages. Since then she has not only had a heart for Alaska Natives but all of Native America.



Julio & Thelma Limoń

Jewel Curtis

About Us

ANNA was birthed in a side room at the International House of Prayer in 2009. Since then, Natives and non have joined together to contend for the Native Peoples and Israel, believing God to shift the nations toward Himself and that they would be one with HIm and the Father. We are giving ourselves to minster to the heart of Jesus through fasting, praying and worship. We are also committed to spread the news of Jesus to those who are who have not recieved salvation.


ANNA is committed to serve and work in unity with other ministries and organizations for God's purposes and destiny for the Indigenous Peoples of North America and Israel.  We believe that there is a destiny for the Indigenous peopls as they take their place in the land. Areas of services include outeaches(evangelism), speaking at churches, conferences, assisting in establish houses of prayers on reservations and prayer.


ANNA Initiaitves: are gatherings that will be held throughout 2015 & 2016 leading up to an overall Joel 2 sacred assembly in October, 2016.  We are believing for 100,000 Native Peoples to come together in unity in fasting, prayer & crying out to the Lord to heal the people, land and the nations.


ANNA is not a 501c3 non-profit organization. Each person is considered Intercessory Missionaries and are under a House of prayer or MIssions organization as staff, student or intern. Each Person raises their own support base.


*ANNA Initiative events & The ANNA Call donations witl be accepted through and under The Call (scroll to the call ANNA).


Office: (816) 709-5255


Contact Us
Elisha Howard

Assistant Director, A.N.N.A. Pasadena


Elisha is Dine' from Alaska. Her Father is German and she has travelled the world in Missions with Youth With A Mission. She now serves with A.N.N.A. leading teams to various areas.

Intercessory Missionary - A.N.N.A. Pasadena


From the White Mountain Apache Tribe, Michael is a living testimony of redemption, restoration and mercy. He is a discipler and mentor who has learned to father a generation. He serves with TheCall SAFA staff. 

Intercessor - ANNA Pasadena


Representing the Muckelshoot and Arapaho, Thomas resides in Pasadena staffing with TheCall SAFA. His heart is to see the Native Peoples know Christ and be awakened to her destiny.



Intercessor - ANNA Canada


Tiffany is Algonquin (Anishnabe) from Kitigan Zibi, Quebec, Canada. Tiffany has a heart to see indigenous peoples of Canada rise up in Christ.



Michael Johanning

Tiffany McDougall

Thomas Isis

"ANNA's mission and vision are the embodiment of the love Jesus has for all of Native America! Their desire to mobilize Native people is a righteous cause!"

- Kevin Hardy Director, Chaplain's Assistance Program, IHOPKC

"ANNA has a God-given mission and vision to reach the nations with the good news of Jesus. ANNA is a team of young Native people who not only believe in God and His promises, but are not afraid to pray for the unimaginable, to fast for the future of a nation of people, and to sacrifice their personal desires in exchange for God’s heart and will for their lives. ANNA has an authentic love for God and wants to share it with all youth, now. Answer the call and let God’s love come alive in you! Join them in their mission to pray, fast, and reach all nations in North America for Jesus."

- Dee Toney, Founder Polished Arrow


"ANNA is the most important move of God in this kingdom hour. The young warriors are commissioned through Gods time, place and purpose for such a time as this."

- Negiel Bigpond, Co-Founder of Two Rivers Native America Training Center, Pastor of Morning Star Church of All Nations & Native Waves Network

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